Ocean Road Prime Abalone - An exquisite Australian gift

Ocean Road Prime Abalone is hand selected and cooked in its own juice creating a ready to eat product with a pure abalone flavour. All you need to do is open, slice to size and serve. Ocean Road Prime Abalone is a guaranteed 100% natural pack, no food additives or preservatives are added during the cooking process. With sophisticated techniques we are able to retain the sweet natural flavour in the abalone flesh while maintaining a succulent texture. Match with sparkling or white wine of your choice for a very refined taste experience.


Canned Abalone IN BRINE

Our staple product, canned abalone, is packed in Ocean Road labels. The Establishment No 12 (EX12) which is highly recognized in the market place is printed on the lid of each Ocean Road can for easy identification. Our canned abalone is famous for its quality, consistency in size, appearance and drained weight.