Southern Canning

Southern Ocean Mariculture has a close working relationship with Southern Canning in Portland, Victoria. This processor with exporter number EX12 has been producing our canned and vacuum packed abalone for many years and knows that SOM produces a really consistent high quality abalone. Southern Canning is known in the market for their technical skills and consistency of product quality. Our entire abalone product range is produced by EX12 and processed in AQIS approved facilities ensuring high standards of product safety.

Process from
live abalone

One of the biggest advantages SOM has is that the farm's location is very close to the

Once the live abalone leave the tanks, it takes only 45 minutes on the road to Southern Canning. Every abalone is fresh for process.

As the abalone is so fresh, this allows Southern Canning a better control over the end product result to have less variation of abalone in the cans after cooking process.

Quality Guarantee

All product testing is carried out on each batch as per DAFF and AQIS standards to ensure that food safety is assured. An annual audit program is conducted by DAFF; Southern Canning has been proudly rated a Grade A establishment for many years.

From farming to processing, the highest standards of quality control ensure that we produce the best quality abalone products for our customers.