Abalone Recipes

James Chapman, a passionate foodie who has worked in a number of restaurants/cafés in South Western Victoria, has created three beautiful abalone recipes using Ocean Road Prime Abalone. The Abalone ‘Asian Fusion’ Salad is a simple and delicious salad recipe. It can be used as a starter as well as a sharing dish. It is so easy to make and it's refreshing and flavorsome. The Abalone Stir-fry is a dish which can be prepared in no time using everyday ingredients - our tasty abalone and shitake mushrooms mixed in with rice noodles.  Fresh basil give the dish a nice lift and top it off by drizzling some soy sauce over the top… yum! Our Abalone Risotto is a dish of texture and flavour.  The crispy pancetta works well with the creaminess of the risotto, topped off with the succulent velvet texture of our abalone.  Whether you are an accomplished cook or you just stick to the basics, this is a dish worth adding to your repertoire.
Tips: The Ocean Road Prime Abalone is pre-cooked, and once removed from the pack, can be eaten straight away. It is versatile to use in creating different styles of dishes. The videos can be viewed from YouTube or from our website.
abalone recipes