Abalone Farm Expansion Works Now Complete

The expansion works at Southern Ocean Mariculture that will see an increase in abalone production from 75 tons per annum to a farm with 110-ton capacity, are now complete.
The first stage which saw the construction of 12 building structures covering 6912 square meters was completed in early January 2018.  These structures contain an additional 96 tanks that will accommodate the abalone in their final period of growth to maturity.  Stage 1 took almost 2 years to complete through the efforts of both external contractors and Southern Ocean Mariculture’s own staff.
Stage 2 of the expansion works which over the past few months has been running in conjunction with the Stage 1 works, is also now complete.  Stage 2 has seen the construction by Southern Ocean Mariculture’s staff, of an additional 19 tanks to house the abalone during their second period of development.
The expansion project demonstrates confidence in the abalone farming business, and provides economic growth to the South West of Victoria through increased sales income and the employment of additional staff
T he production staff resettling juvenile abalone into these new tanks

The production staff resettling juvenile abalone into these new tanks

T he completed Stage 2 tanks

The completed Stage 2 tanks