What Does Abalone Taste Like?

Taste depends on a number of factors the abalone species, size, what they eat and how the abalone are prepared. This article uses the Australian abalone species as an example to provide you a general view of abalone taste.

Abalone species – The texture of Greenlip abalone is more tender than Blacklip abalone. Tiger abalone which is a cross between the Greenlip and Blacklip species has a texture between these two species.
Size - Bigger abalone generally have a firmer texture than smaller abalone as the bigger abalone have formed firmer flesh, much in the same way as other animals such as the difference between mutton and lamb.
Abalone diet – abalone grown in the ocean has a stronger sea taste as the abalone feed on natural algae which passes on the weed flavour into the abalone. Some people love it, but some people find the flavour too strong. Farmed abalone has a more delicate flavour which most people find enjoyable.
Cooking method– the taste between canned, dried, fresh, frozen and vacuum packed abalone are very different. Unlike sashimi, fresh and frozen abalone have a crunchy texture when eaten raw. It is hard to describe how abalone tastes after cooking as it is a very unique taste, but the flavour is similar to scallop and the texture is tender if cooked well. It tastes rubbery if overcooked. Canned abalone has been pre-cooked in the cans and can be eaten straight away. Chefs like to cook it further to lift up the texture and add in their own creative recipes to enhance the flavour. Dried abalone take a long time to prepare and cook, the best taste is called “sugar heart” which melts in your mouth.

Vacuum packed abalone is a cross between fresh abalone and canned abalone. In other words, it’s a ready to eat product, but you can really taste the freshness of abalone because there is nothing added during the cooking process. It is a better gift idea due to its convenience and good taste. Ocean Road prime abalone which is packed from 3 to 4 year-old abalone provide you with an optimum texture and flavour which we strongly recommend you to try.